The company “Machineries & Tools srl” has as its primary objective the full satisfaction of the customer, constantly engaging in continuous improvement of the quality of its production system and the product / service offered, aware that this is the key to staying competitive on the market.

Who we are

The “MACHINERIES & TOOLS S.r.l.” is a company founded in 2007 by the will and experience acquired by its members, it works in the design and construction of industrial machinery and special accessories. Our main clients are:


The sole director of the company is supported by employees consisting of:

n ° 3 administrative;

n ° 3 technicians;

6 skilled workers;

The “MACHINERIES & TOOLS S.r.l.” has been a guarantee of professionalism, efficiency and quality for years (compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 standards for the design and production of industrial machinery and accessories which is the essential requirement for maintaining the current market and the acquisition of new markets, always more demanding, especially in a context where qualitative evaluation is a further factor of competitiveness).

The product is checked during all processing stages, allowing to obtain a result that fully satisfies the customer without neglecting the environmental impact. For this purpose, it has carried out professional and specific training courses for its staff, relating to production management, administration management, manufacturing processes such as welding and the use of CAD / CAM software tools.

Technical office

The company has a technical office with organizational and technical skills suitable for the practical management of the various design phases and execution of the works, equipped with CAD tools for design and software for structural calculation in order to meet all customer requests and offer a quality product that complies with the requirements of the current safety regulations (pursuant to Legislative Decree no. April 9, 2008 No. 81) and the new technical standards for construction (pursuant to Ministerial Decree 14 January 2008);

Commercial office

A sales office that provides for the management of shipments, order entry, offers, customer service, reminders and market development;

Purchasing Department

A purchasing office that carries out the activity of receiving procurement requests from the technical office, selecting materials and suppliers on the basis of the quality / price ratio of the products, managing delivery times and goods by suppliers, relations with the warehouse manager and acquisition and placing of the goods purchased according to the planned use plan;

Administrative office

An administrative office capable of interacting efficiently and scrupulously with production, warehouse and maintenance management.


The plant, located in the industrial area of ​​San Gennaro Vesuviano (NA), at via Nocellari, 6, 1 km from the Palma Campania motorway exit – (A 30 Caserta – Salerno).

The structure consists of a warehouse of 750 square meters, an internal office of 200 square meters, an area for the storage of raw materials and finished products for approximately 3,500 square meters, with a total area of ​​approximately 4,320 square meters.

The departments are located within the plant in order to make the production lay-out efficient and easy to identify.

Know How

The company was born as a manufacture of accessories only for industrial machinery, over the years it has acquired experience and skills, and today is able to develop various sophisticated types of machinery of all kinds.

Industrial machinery

The sectors where our company faces are many, as are the products it can offer, from accessories for the transport of iron at 12 meters (Cradle for rods) installed on a 6-meter long tractor and tested for traveling on the motorway, to processing lines of all kinds of sectors, but also roller conveyors, emergency stairs, air compressors, specific packaging, dies, industrial electric ovens, generators etc.

Technological industrial accessories

Thanks to the continuous investments in the most advanced technologies, we are able to build and assemble technologically advanced systems giving the possibility to university professors and experts on earthmoving (rock) to be able to establish in advance the various and continuous movements of the ground (rock) avoiding damage that can cause things and people (rock landslides in the subsoil, bridge control systems, testing systems for foundation piles and window testing systems, etc.).

A technologically advanced sector that allows a considerable efficiency of the various processes, an enormous flexibility of processing, considerably expanding the freedom and imagination of the designers in developing new products that improve their quality and reduce their “time to market”.


The production is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and equipped with tools for CNC control of production.

  Overall we have about 50 machines among which we list:

• N ° 1 Sheet metal shear ml 4 th. Max mm 12;

• N ° 1 Hydraulic press bending machine ml 3 – 4 CNC for sheet metal sp. max mm 8-10;

• N ° 1 welding system consisting of 7 continuous wire welders

• N ° 2 band saws with automatic feeder max diam. 310;

 • N ° 1 hydraulic punching machines

 • N ° 12 continuous wire welding machines max amp. 450 with extraction systems supplied;

• N ° 1 Lathe

• N ° 1 cutter

• N ° 3 portable manual laser cutting machines;

• N ° 1 Tons overhead 5 crane;


Our company has qualified technical personnel from welders to assemblers, with specialized qualifications.


Our company in continuous growth and expansion, moves and projects the production structure towards cutting-edge solutions and technologies, always looking at customer satisfaction, not surprisingly our slogan is

Green, air, quiet